Computer Repair Service

PC Repair Guru specialists cover all models of Computers and PCs. We fix computers whether it’s for work, home use, gaming computer, or other purposes.

Furthermore, we provide on-site or remote support services depending on the type of the service needed, considering your convenience, of course.

Not only that, but we do all the repairs and improvements mentioned below:

We have comprehensive services for all Apple products: iMac, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini and Mac Pro. We can fix any issues and help you set up, upgrade, install and customise your device.

If your MacBook isn’t running, is overheating, liquid damage, you have dropped it, MacBook does not connect to the WI-FI or your MacBook keyboard has damaged or no longer holds the charge or discharges easily due to faulty MacBook battery, you need reinstallation of your Mac operating system.

Is your current problem with your computer not listed anywhere on the site? Not to worry, PC Repair Guru covers almost every issue when it comes to computers. Just contact us and tell us more about your problem, we’ll be happy to help.

Do wish to increase the speed of your device, improve the graphics or perhaps want a larger storage capacity? We can assist you with purchasing the right components and do the upgrade as a whole for whatever specific improvement you are seeking.

For easy and smooth email exchange, we can help you troubleshoot and configure Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, Outlook Express or any other email clients. We can also create your own personal webmail address of your chosen domain.

We will help you in the face of increasing threats of security online. We have our recommended security software and other safety measures we employ in order to ensure that your computer is 100% protected at all times.

PC Repair Guru can assist you with any internet problems you are having. We can address any connection problems, security issues, or anything that affects your online experience. We also offer browser support and broadband installation.

PC Repair Guru can help install, diagnose problems, and of course, repair any issues you have with your wireless networks. We also offer broadband speed and quality improvement services to give you the best connection you can possibly have.

We can assist with setting up your newly bought computer to your own specifications. We do an installation from start to finish including setup for your operating system, user accounts, software’s and adding any other devices such as printers.

Easily monitor, disable or enable access to websites and programs that are unsafe or not suitable for the younger members of your family. We can help you setup a suitable program that will filter the contents viewed on your device.

PC Repair Guru can help you choose the right device and components that will meet your needs. We can recommend you what and where to buy depending on your specific preferences as well as based on the budget you have set.

PC Repair Guru can help identify the cause of slow computer performance. We will optimise the speed and performance of your computer and fix any underlying issues. We make sure you will have an improved experience with your PC.

Are you having any difficulties using your software? Or perhaps you need assistance with installation. We can help with any issues you are having with any software. We can also identify any unexpected side effects of your newly added software.

PC Repair Guru offers tutorials on any topics related to laptop and computer use offering one-on-one or group sessions. Some examples are working with files and folders, internet use, using email, computer personalisation, using Microsoft office, and more!

We have a very good and effective virus and malware removal service. It is one of our most popular services and it has proven to improve user experience as well as confidence in computer use time and time again.

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