Computer Virus Help

If you think your computer is infected with a virus, it is best to act quickly as possible to prevent any more unwanted problems. PC Repair Guru’s specialists can help you identify the underlying issues that you may have. We  offer the best solutions to restore, protect your system and setup security measures according to your needs and preferences. There are various security threats that can affect your system but our specialists will make it easier for you to pick the best option that works well for you.

Anti Virus Assistance

Anti virus is one of the most essential programs that keeps computers protected from various malicious threats. Knowing that your security is paramount, our PC Repair Guru specialists offer full protection service for your system. We provide vast options of only genuine and trusted anti virus programs. We will guide you in selecting the right program that suits your needs as well as assisting you from installation, maintenance, and other issues that you may be having.

Virus Removal

PC Repair Guru utilizes a thorough process on removal of viruses. Our specialists use variety of methods including removing source files, system re-installation and running security software. We deal with virus removal in different ways all depending on the complexity and the nature of the issues at hand. Our extensive virus removal process has been tested to be effective time and time again.

Worms Removal

Not known to many, computer worms are also serious threats aside from virus problems. These computer worms self-replicate, spread across networks automatically and exploits vulnerabilities even without guidance or uses another program to execute. PC Repair Guru will help you identify the extent of infection applying the right treatment to eliminate the threat. We will then install the right security software for you and do all the updates to keep you protected.

Trojan Horse Removal

Trojan Horse often come with spam or scam emails, clicking untrusted links online can also be a source. This malware causes a lot of inconvenience to your computer but thankfully, our specialists have various methods to deal with Trojan Horse threats. There are many solutions offered and we’ll make sure to employ the right process and keep your computer working tiptop.

Spyware Removal

We provide full scan, removal and computer security installation to address spyware issues. Spyware are tough threats that needs to be tackled by the experts as it entails careful process of removal. PC Repair Guru will also provide some essential tips to keep you from getting these unwanted problems in the future.