Macintosh Operating Systems

Our specialists are ready to lend a hand for any Apple Macintosh Operating System issues you may have. PC Repair Guru does full service for Mac OS including setup, installation, configuration, problem troubleshooting and all other services for your operating system.  We also offer assistance and tutorials for more efficient use for any specific topic of any Mac Operating Systems as listed below. We offer services with all the range of Apple OS available.

Mac OS X

PC Repair Guru’s qualified specialists can assist you with a number of things related to all Apple Mac OS X versions. We do setups, installation, customisation and upgrades of any of these Macintosh operating systems. We also do fixing and maintenance of the operating system problems with start-up, shut down, partition, planning and memory management. We will also make sure that you have the latest software and corresponding drivers keeping your system running at best performance.

Mac OS X 10.0

Mac OS X 10.1

Mac OS X 10.2

Mac OS X 10.3

Mac OS X 10.4

Mac OS X 10.5

Mac OS X 10.6
“Snow Leopard”

Mac OS X 10.7

Mac OS X 10.8
“Mountain Lion”

Mac OS X 10.9

Mac OS X 10.10

Mac OS X 10.11
“El Capitan”