Local Computer And Laptop Repair Service
  • Gaming Issues

  • Security + Protection
  • Virus/Trojan & Spyware Removal
  • Network – Files and Printer Sharing
  • Operating System Installation
  • Internet Security & Networking
  • Custom Built PC
  • PC & Printer Setup
  • Broadband Setup & Optimisation
  • Dispose of Old PCs and Laptops
  • Specialists In Desktop PC & Laptop services

Our wide-range solutions are fitted to every technology support you need.

Computer Repair

We are computer specialists providing high standard solutions, upgrades & general improvements.

Laptop Repair

We offer reliable wide-range services for laptops from hardware to operating systems & more.

+ Protection

Security & privacy is very crucial. From viruses, malware, & overall protection, we got you covered.

We’ll help you choose & set-up the right operating system to get your device perform the best.

Broadband Setup

We do internet setup services keeping you connected with the top possible speed & quality.

Get your Computer to it’s best potential from only £39

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Alongside top quality service, we offer affordable rates & value for money.

No fix, no fee– You don’t have to pay anything if we don’t deliver as promised.
Value for money– Our competitive prices are among the most affordable rates compared to other companies.
Flexible rates– We give you personalized quote and work out total costs based on your needs.
No hidden charges– We are transparent and will not charge more than our initial agreement.

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