PCIe 4.0 will be twice as fast as today’s slots

Computers have taken the world by storm and have become a necessity in today’s time. Any sort of procedure that you wish to have done with the minimum effort and the fastest results can be done over the computer. It has not become quite difficult to imagine a time where we weren’t as dependent on computers as we were before. Our day to day correspondence, office work and other miscellaneous tasks hinge on the device to get us through the day. People now own the personal computer (PC) in masses and conduct most of their business through the personal computing machines. This has proven to be very useful and practical for personal computing.

Technological Prowess

With the advancement in personal computing technology occurring at such a rapid pace, it is no wonder that things are become simpler to achieve and do. Computers undergo just such growth, operating with complex algorithms to make things so much easier. One such development has been the introduction of the Peripheral Component Interconnect Express, or more generally understood as the PCIe.


The PCIe, in the simplest of terms, is a serial bus that allows external devices to connect to the motherboard of the computer. These can be graphic or video cards, SSDs and so much more. With the PCIe, the peripheral devices are allotted a more direct connection with the motherboard, prompting a more secure and faster channel that shares no bandwidth with other devices. This input/output bus allows for a quick mode of data transfer with great performance for excellent personal computing.

The Latest

The developers have recently launched a new version of the device, the PCIe 4.0. The recent upgrade is purported to be twice as fast as the old slots and is tested to enhance the speed to double what it was before with the previous version of the device (3.0 connections). Up to 16GT/s of throughput speed means faster connectivity, like never before.

Technical Malfunction

When a computer suddenly jacks up and backfires in the middle of operations, problems arise. If you’re a gamer and your video card just got fried due to overheating which generally occurs when you play games in excess, you’re in a bit of a bind. Similarly, many tasks and activity can be handicapped should something happen to the motherboard. Whatever the reason for the malfunction, for personal computing a lot of options are open to choose from, but one should know what is wrong.

PC Repair

With most PCs equipped with the PCIe slots, if the motherboard is acting up or experiencing technical difficulties, the fault can be traced to the connective slot. Either the problem is with the slot itself or some relating problem, it is probably time for changing the hardware. And while the computer repair takes places, looking at an upgrade for the PCIe might not be a bad idea. With countless benefits of the new 4.0 version, the new device can easily be incorporated into a PC of any make or model. It also accords the benefit of high speed that allows you to work with great efficiency, making every day work all the more easier.