Unlock your PC with your Samsung phone’s fingerprint reader!

Do you own a Samsung android phone and a Windows 10 computer? Well in that case you will be thrilled to know that Samsung has once again successfully facilitated something brilliant for you. Now there is no need for you to have a complex  in order to protect your computer’s data. All you need are your fingers.

That’s right. Samsung has now updated their Flow app and has included a startling new feature. This feature allows all Samsung mobiles that are operating on the Android Marshmallow or a more advanced version to use the phone’s fingerprint reader to access your Windows 10 computer via its Hello feature.

This feature is marvelous owing to the fact that our smart phones are our key companions for most of the day. We keep them in our hands all the time. Hence unlocking your computer will be much more easy and interesting than switching on the CPU and entering password.

But that’s not all. If you are working extensively on a desktop computer, your flow app will make sure that you don’t miss even a single message or notification. It does this by synching your mobile notifications on any Windows 10 device whether it is manufactured by Samsung or not. Therefore alerts from your phone can also appear on your computer. So whether or not you are engaged in personal computing you will never miss out on any notification, be it a text message or an update request for your android software.

But more is to come. This feature is not only good for personal computing but is also quite useful if you receive a lot of messages from work. With your phone and computer synched together, it is highly unlikely that you will ever miss the invite for your next meeting. Moreover, this feature is not just exclusive to computers. It can also be used to unlock, Windows 10 tablets. All you need is a Samsung Android smartphone with the Flow app that is synched with the target device containing the Windows 10 Hello feature.

And this feature is quite flexible as well. If your Windows 10 device doesn’t have the Hello feature than that’s not a problem at all. You can simply utilize the Microsoft Passport feature. This feature also has the fingerprint recognition mechanism as that of Hello, and the same working principle applies to it as well.

It is no surprise that such an elaborate automated feature has generated a fair share of rumors regarding its security. Some claim that such a way of using android smartphones may actually compromise the security of your windows device. In actuality however, it is just a myth. The windows system in every windows device has an elaborate secure encryption method of sharing data which would require an extraordinary level of proficiency as a hacker to gain access to. There for, in all likelihood your data is as good as safe.

So now you can unlock your windows device while sitting in another room just with he tap of your finger. This feature and all the subsequent development it will undergo will allow the world to enter into an exciting era of technological mastery that will by all means make countless lives easier.