Tired of the older versions of Windows? Then, Windows 10 is the perfect choice for you. Windows 10 is an entirely new and the latest version of operating system from Microsoft. Although it was built upon what made its previous versions so popular, yet it brings improved and new features along with a renewed interface. Windows 10 bridges the gap between tablets and PCs without alienating anyone. It combines the best bits of new and old Windows features into an organized package, while correcting nearly all of the missteps of older versions. With these modifications, you still need help getting grips with Windows 10 regardless of how skilled you are with Windows.


Before learning to use Windows 10, you need to first download and install it, in case your PC fails to come with the software installed. When your computer is ready to download and install Windows 10, the “Get Windows 10” app ought to be shown in the notification area of your taskbar (bottom-right corner of your screen). This app will make it possible for you to reserve your copy of Windows 10, notifying Microsoft that you are interested in upgrading. This takes you through the essential steps to make sure your computer is ready for the upgrade to Windows 10, such as creating a recovery drive, using the Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor, backing up your important files and more. By so doing, your upgrade to Windows 10 goes as smoothly as possible. Now that your PC is ready to install Windows 10 it should be a relatively straightforward process. Another method to download Windows 10 is through the Windows update. Once your copy of Windows 10 has been reserved, your Windows 10 download should be ready. If Windows does not by default download it, open up Windows Update and there you should find it ready to be downloaded and installed.

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Windows 10 Upgrade


  • Begin with the God-Mode where users can get a sophisticated control panel. All you need do is to create a folder (anywhere), name it as GodMode
  • Personalize the Start menu to enable the PC work for you.
  • With the schedule Windows update option, you can now avoid all the annoying reminders or automatic updates
  • In case you have a touch-screen device, you can easily toggle to tablet mode with this version of Windows version.
  • Windows 10 makes it possible for users to build virtual desktops which are great if you are using many apps.
  • It can save your battery life in case you are using a laptop.
  • With Windows 10’s biometric security feature , users can unlock their PC simply with their fingerprint
  • Users can now print to PDF without using any other utility
  • Lastly, Windows 10 provides users with the chance to undo their upgrade within a month of installation.

Windows 10 will help you stay current on features and security for the supported lifetime of your device.